The first incarnation of this blog was to chronicle a year of reading only the work of woman-identified authors, which lasted almost six months (the blogging, not the reading project). Now, i want it to be a way to keep tabs on my reactions to whatever media i take in as i move along, probably primarily books and films—and i want to say each “review,” which will be as critical/formal as i feel like, must be ≤ 500 words, so i don’t get scared off.

On-going reading project=reading the oeuvre of Truman Capote (referred to in this blog as Truman, “Tru,” or perhaps occasionally “Trulove”; please indulge my ridiculously presumptuous familiarity) in chronological order alongside his biography (by Gerald Clarke) and his collected letters (edited by the same). I started in February and am currently just about to begin In Cold Blood (a first-edition of which i snagged at a used bookstore in Grand Rapids!). In other words, i’m most of the way there and already feeling anxiety about what i’ll do with myself when it’s all over.

Interspersed with this life-reading are books that catch my fancy. I’m also trying to watch more movies i haven’t seen in general.

As said, this will be an attempt at cataloguing my responses to media, because i want to get used to that sort of routine accounting for/writing about, and also because i value intertexuality in my writing, so it seems good practice to keep track of the texts i spend time with, however casually.


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  1. phebek108


    As a 61 yr young lesbian-feminist who is an avid reader of women, I applaud your discipline and commitment to such a project. I look forward to reading your blog (and meeting you at the retreat with Mary late December).

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